Submission System

ECHC uses a conference management software. If you’d like to submit a proposal, register as a reviewer, or register for the conference, you will need to create an account.

Having created your account, you can submit your proposal. Please note that you will have to specify whether the submission is a proposal for the thematic or open panel. Additionally, you will be asked to indicate your preferred format (i.e., presentation or poster).
Proposals must be submitted as extended abstracts with a maximum length of 8.000 characters (incl. space characters, excl. references, tables and figures) and uploaded as a pdf file.
For more information on the panels and the proposal format, please see the CfP.

Reviewer Registration
Please also consider registering as a reviewer for the ECHC in the system. In the course of the account creation, you can indicate whether you would like to be considered as a reviewer. To ensure that submissions are assigned to reviewers as appropriately as possible, you will be asked to specify your priority topics after the registration. You will be informed about the next steps of the review process via mail after the submission deadline (15 June 2019).

Participant Registration
With your account, you’ll be able to register as a participant of the conference. We will inform you as soon as the registration process is open.